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Gwynedd sisters raise lifesaving funds for a decade

A pair of Gwynedd sisters have been raising lifesaving donations for Wales Air Ambulance over 10 years, marking milestone birthdays with generous donations to the charity.

Maud Foulkes and Meirwen Lloyd, from Aberangell, have fundraised for the lifesaving helicopter charity for two of their joint birthday partys, a decade apart.

In 2006, Maud and Meirwen’s birthday party celebrated the sisters turning 70 and 80 by collecting donations for WAA, and the pair decided to raise more funds for the charity on their next milestone birthday.

This year, the family held a surprise party for the sisters on their 80th and 90th birthdays together in aid of Wales Air Ambulance.

Caryl Mai Edwards, Meirwen’s grandaughter, said: “As a family, we always give to Wales Air Ambulance, and we can never walk passed a WAA fundraiser and not donate.

“You never know when we may need them. And so if any of us ever do, we know that we have helped fundraise towards it.”

The joint 80th and 90th birthday party was held in Aberangell Village Hall, on September 25, raising hundreds of pounds to help funds Wales Air Ambulance’s helicopter missions across Wales.

The charity launched on St David’s day in 2001, relying on kind donations to fund its vital heliopter operations.

Lynne Garlick, WAA North Wales Fundraising Manager, said: “In the ten years that Maud and Meirwen have been fundraising for us, Wales Air Ambulance has changed a lot.

“In 2006, we had just got our third helicopter to help us rescue even more people across Wales, and we had completed 5,000 missions since our launch.

“And this year, a decade on from Maud and Meirwen’s first birthday fundraiser, we have completed over 24,000 missions and we now have a fourth helicopter with the most advanced incubator in the UK on board, to help sick babies across the country.

“Their support over ten years has been vital, and has seen us change and grow.

“It has only been through the support of people like Maud and Meirwen that we have been able to keep our helicopters flying, and keep our operations evolving to provide the best service possible for the people of Wales.”

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