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Bingo Night funds helicopter missions

A Pembrokeshire bingo night is funding lifesaving helicopter missions across Wales, helping people in their hour of need.

The Hermon Hall Bingo Night in February raised over £600 for Wales Air Ambulance, collecting donations to help fund the welsh helicopter charity services.

Since Wales Air Ambulance launched on St David’s Day 2001, the charity has completed over 26,000 missions, funded by kind donations.

Each of Wales Air Ambulance’s missions cost around £1,500, and the charity needs to raise £6.5 million every year to fund its operations.

The charity bingo night raised £640 for the charity, to fund lifesaving missions. The donation from the Hermon Hall Bingo Night were presented to Tony Key, Wales Air Ambulance Pembrokeshire Community Coordinator.

Tony said: “We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who organised and attended the Hermon Hall bingo night.

“As a charity, we rely on fundraisers like this to keep our helicopters flying. Their donations will help us to save lifesaving across Wales.”

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