Lottery Archive

February 2017 »

1st Mrs L Morgan LL010803 £1000
2nd Mr J Davies LL111924 £200
3rd Mrs C Keepings LL119845 £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL158072; LL127169; LL015228; LL106485; LL096970; LL112228; LL044891; LL060044; LL058517; LL105452; LL167291; LL138026; LL112389; LL125141; LL008987; LL143495; LL043566; LL163918; LL097054; LL135590;



1st Mrs M Lloyd (Ammanford) £1000
2nd Mr W G W James (Carmarthen) £200
3rd Mrs M James (Llanelli) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL45980; LL31298; LL124761; LL124201; LL124242; LL71416; LL147678; LL154232; LL17613; LL157223; LL148830; LL165741; LL147692; LL118619; LL137762; LL124563; LL77603; LL66616; LL167689; LL6647



1st Mrs S Williams (Swansea) £1000
2nd Mrs C Julien (Brecon) £200
3rd Mrs M Evans (Abergavenny) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL068900; LL167389; LL097638; LL145639; LL118601; LL085626; LL071335; LL013596; LL158513; LL134400; LL143327; LL089192; LL097643; LL114363; LL045612; LL109471; LL116425; LL006095; LL154694; LL132008;



1st Mrs M Thomas (Pembroke) £1000
2nd Mrs E Jones (Pembroke) £200
3rd Mrs G Hill (Abertillery) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL082999; LL129143; LL134379; LL163556; LL140918; LL108306; LL138707; LL139869; LL154260; LL044587; LL097310; LL107393; LL083937; LL104231; LL135454; LL027268; LL088257; LL076411; LL078074; LL145967


1st £1000
2nd £200
3rd £100
Other 20 Winners (£10):

January 2017 »
Tuesday 3rd January

1st Mrs S Saer (Whitland) £1000
2nd Mrs M Foster (Bargoed) £200
3rd Mr P Chanlloner (Wrexham) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL160691; LL086803; LL001961; LL023472; LL119670; LL155604; LL154835; LL045848; LL049585; LL135882; LL124871; LL081105; LL117299; LL150710; LL100451; LL167248; LL084626; LL143098; LL068211; LL059830;


Friday 6th January

1st Mr D H Davies (Ceredigion) £1000
2nd Mrs S Jones (Denbigh) £200
3rd Mrs C M Cowen (Llandudno) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL062321; LL053624; LL126515; LL088584; LL156007; LL005286; LL068691; LL004631; LL089134; LL143309; LL159511; LL024300; LL127060; LL126378; LL121697; LL073909; LL081254; LL106096; LL139215; LL006817;


Friday 16th January

1st Mrs W Thomas (Carmarthen) £1000
2nd Mrs N James (Carmathenshire) £200
3rd Mrs J Griffiths (Aberdare) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL164028; LL108071; LL054976; LL123939; LL019556; LL145552; LL021501; LL066134; LL112946; LL054711; LL097287; LL129134; LL123846; LL121311; LL067089; LL117670; LL033420; LL155188; LL014025; LL159766;


January 20th 2017

1st Mr P A Brown (Glamorgan) £1000
2nd Mrs P Hughes (Chepstow) £200
3rd Mr & Mrs Cooper (Llanedeilo) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL160567; LL144957; LL101393; LL133493; LL156768; LL141993; LL068673; LL141225; LL071836; LL070371; LL021012; LL001336; LL155170; 032200; LL011928; LL105325; LL166636; LL035168; LL018768; LL002666;


January 27th 2017

1st Ms C Oakley (Lampeter) £1000
2nd Mr R Champion (Cardiff) £200
3rd Mrs C Lewis (Swansea) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL28211; LL92405; LL101792; LL125618; LL21633; LL103434; LL32127; LL32127; LL11068; LL83584; LL164057; LL130858; LL80062; LL120400; LL142478; LL22956; LL56852; LL56852; LL7540; LL94922; LL114488; LL130286

December 2016 »
Friday 2nd December

1st Mrs R Milligan (Ammanford) £1000
2nd Mr W D Hague (Llanelli) £200
3rd Mrs R Jones (Llandrindod Wells) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL019075; LL098766; LL154321; LL081439; LL117347; LL141565; LL079684; LL023762; LL153329; LL161261; LL150229; LL055428; LL037236; LL016975; LL120071; LL112920; LL144675; LL032787; LL048244; LL130112


Friday 9th December

1st Mrs J Goold (Newport) £1000
2nd Mr D Thomas (Haverfordwest) £200
3rd Mrs M Westlake (Haverfordwest) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL049240; LL137879; LL098328; LL162032; LL118016; LL124091; LL147466; LL031499; LL161507; LL137838; LL152229; LL159974; LL157742; LL059869; LL036372; LL110120; LL029136; LL064360; LL155537; LL153335;


Friday 16th December

1st Mr M E Williams (Denbigh) £1000
2nd Mrs D Lacey (Montgomeryshire) £200
3rd Mrs M Westlake (Swansea £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL082255; LL091219; LL106937; LL040365; LL155659; LL082081; LL050576; LL150379; LL142203; LL058286; LL011355; LL017689; LL157353; LL164868; LL108573; LL137142; LL011514; LL114700; LL103193; LL064963;


Friday 23rd December

1st Mrs E Campbell (Llanwrtyd Wells) £1000
2nd Mrs D Lacey (Gorseinon) £200
3rd Mrs M Westlake (Newport) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL101482; LL156874; LL123471; LL036161; LL147536; LL132739; LL109749; LL146893; LL055205; LL111026; LL072393; LL153008; LL093117; LL054465; LL101731; LL029728; LL152974; LL064637; LL027373; LL114606;


1st £1000
2nd £200
3rd £100
Other 20 Winners (£10):

November »
Friday 4th November

1st Mr M Hamett (Bridgend) £1000
2nd Mrs M Evans (Wrexham) £200
3rd Ms H Williams (Alderley Edge) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL057688; LL094575; LL107497; LL115969; LL154980; LL067687; LL085738; LL149775; LL029789; LL068309; LL031565; LL082308; LL146497; LL130025; LL028521; LL076280; LL159610; LL156028; LL147828; LL138845


Friday 11th November

1st Mrs B Rendell (Milford Haven) £1000
2nd Mr A Mainwaring (Llandeilo) £200
3rd Mr A Thomas (Pembroke) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL143175; LL021138; LL104802; LL162905; LL091898; LL026583; LL152304; LL073822; LL006132; LL149232; LL076752; LL144000; LL066176; LL144426; LL145873; LL150787; LL068192; LL128451; LL141384; LL144493;


Friday 18th November

1st Mrs A Cutforth (Swansea) £1000
2nd Miss B Griffiths (Ammanford) £200
3rd Mr R Edwards (Holywell) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL157647; LL066473; LL058508; LL031994; LL128815; LL119403; LL137876; LL159218; LL118840; LL115314; LL159029; LL108858; LL072240; LL065315; LL157359; LL123880; LL148683; LL039041; LL138203; LL114724;


Friday 25th November

1st Mrs M R Clement (Ammanford) £1000
2nd Mrs C L Westrop (Bridgend) £200
3rd Mr A Fitzpatrick (Llandudno) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL132113; LL074324; LL149750; LL075360; LL065295; LL094226; LL134676; LL042616; LL062160; LL080754; LL022439; LL014650; LL008455; LL092609; LL151708; LL103271; LL131192; LL081909; LL110746; LL150292;


1st £1000
2nd £200
3rd £100
Other 20 Winners (£10):

October »
Friday 7th October

1st Mr D Lake (Caldicot) £1000
2nd Mrs P Williams (Barry) £200
3rd Mrs E Elmes (Llanon) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL034316; LL066232; LL062988; LL150446; LL070745; LL119237; LL136109; LL038169; LL115907; LL089994; LL150387; LL098466; LL077286; LL006213; LL159417; LL129046; LL034135; LL125229; LL150154; LL076909;


Friday 14th October

1st Mr P Andrews (Quinton) £1000
2nd Mrs S Tompkins (Bridgend) £200
3rd Mrs V Wayne-Wills (Bridgend) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL133575; LL153691; LL015197; LL109617; LL015094; LL058642; LL099726; LL067067; LL153938; LL064882; LL076406; LL115135; LL051332; LL080036; LL140698; LL069397; LL037170; LL042163; LL121232; LL069946;


Friday 21st October

1st Mrs M Duross (Towyn) £1000
2nd Mrs C Foster (Port Talbot) £200
3rd Mrs K Bresner (Swansea) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL125085; LL153803; LL127807; LL160356; LL098594; LL142006; LL111055; LL159352; LL104085; LL111604; LL150658; LL076088; LL044501; LL042659; LL113805; LL026399; LL106679; LL031146; LL130384; LL005684;


Friday 28th October

1st Mrs I Davies (Newcastle Emlyn) £1000
2nd Miss S Parsonage (Wrexham) £200
3rd Mrs L Williams (Neath) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL047089; LL018370; LL152242; LL096106; LL158585; LL048577; LL111149; LL150089; LL098910; LL116026; LL093346; LL083609; LL106286; LL094220; LL036870; LL008337; LL137844; LL101010; LL145552; LL100262;


1st £1000
2nd £200
3rd £100
Other 20 Winners (£10):

September 2016 »
Friday 2nd September

1st Mr G Davies (Montgomery) £1000
2nd Miss E Tugby (Hengoed) £200
3rd Mrs S Mann (Carmarthenshire) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL155641; LL111981; LL149325; LL29963; LL122311; LL150664; LL43336; LL74818; LL123350; LL75814; LL75361; LL68704; LL42503; LL149935; LL3039; LL5049; LL43234; LL28739; LL38477; LL126977


Friday 9th September

1st Mrs B Cooper (Pontyclun) £1000
2nd Mrs S Davies-O'Connor (Swansea) £200
3rd Mr & Mrs Beeken (Narberth) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL124364; LL079232; LL059704; LL076645; LL083984; LL107640; LL018035; LL124005; LL090953; LL149583; LL042667; LL127856; LL133488; LL025766; LL143919; LL056974; LL119201; LL095995; LL117615; LL067640.


Friday 16th September

1st Miss E Owen (Holyhead) £1000
2nd Miss D Parry (Bridgend) £200
3rd Mr M Dickson (Beddau) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL090391; LL023055; LL036650; LL126627; LL063765; LL043259; LL004789; LL003361; LL025493; LL050899; LL154802; LL053016; LL078180; LL152916; LL127409; LL102850; LL060930; LL151555; LL136777;


Friday 23rd September

1st Mrs P Atkinson (Bala) £1000
2nd Mrs L Hawkins (Llanellen) £200
3rd Mrs J Butcher (Rhiwfawr) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL147031; LL147031; LL104836; LL083151; LL148928; LL110491; LL075508; LL142014; LL088136; LL060134; LL104271; LL045262; LL144926; LL087110; LL117748; LL132208; LL078472; LL045011; LL156237; LL156016;


Friday 30th September

1st Mrs Pitak (Mold) £1000
2nd Mrs M Jones (Llandysul) £200
3rd Miss Daisy Stimpson (Rhyl) £100
Other 20 Winners (£10): LL054432; LL080717; LL133595; LL143935; LL110672; LL150297; LL033171; LL113408; LL078508; LL123274; LL069993; LL144507; LL076554; LL056519; LL052699; LL118004; LL120995; LL135360; LL044067; LL155863;

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Lifesaving Lottery

This week's top three winners are:

1st Mrs M Thomas - LL106776 £1000
2nd Mrs E Jones - LL168847 £200
3rd Mrs G Hill - LL160829 £100

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