Children’s Wales Air Ambulance

The Children’s Wales Air Ambulance (CWAA) is a part of the Wales Air Ambulance service

Wales Air Ambulance is the only air ambulance service dedicated to serving people in Wales. We are on standby every single day of the year, ready to help anyone in Wales during their most difficult hour. An important part of our job is to run the Children’s Wales Air Ambulance. This is a specialist division of the charity because our youngest patients need a different range of treatments.

We recently introduced in partnership with NHS Wales state-of-the-art incubators on our fourth aircraft, transforming our helicopters into mini hospitals for vulnerable babies. This means we can bring specialist treatments to our youngest patients, wherever they are in Wales.

The Children’s Wales Air Ambulance is an integral part of the charity, responding to both emergency incidents and inter-hospital transfers for children in Wales. Patients range from premature babies just a few hours old, to seriously ill teenagers needing urgent help.

National Children's Air Ambulance

Paediatric consultant Dr Pete Williams

Pictured (above): Paediatric emergency medicine consultant Dr Pete Williams is pictured with our Babypod incubator, used to keep newborn infants warm in flight on 999 missions.

On average, Wales Air Ambulance airlifts 300 children a year. Most children in Wales are treated in Wales, many at the Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff; but we also convey patients to hospitals across the UK such as Alder Hey in Liverpool, Great Ormond Street in London and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Every single patient is different, and Wales Air Ambulance will take each child to the specialist unit that is needed for their illness or injury.

Consultants and Critical Care Practitioners (CCPs) on board Wales Air Ambulance provide highly advanced treatments and work in partnership with NHS teams across Wales to care for children and babies who need urgent medical care.


Pictured (above): Hospital neonatal teams join the Children’s Wales Air Ambulance to fly a premature baby from North Wales to South Wales, saving hours by road.

Elain's Story

Elain's Story

In 2010 little Elain from Aberystwyth was just 12 weeks old when she needed an urgent transfer from Bronglais Hospital to the UHW Cardiff, over 100 miles away.

Elain was diagnosed antenatally with a congenital heart condition and, taking a sudden turn for the worse, she was flown by Wales Air Ambulance to Cardiff for emergency treatment.

After undergoing heart surgery, Elain spent five months in hospital and was diagnosed with a pulmonary atresia caused by a rare genetic condition, 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome.

Elain’s parents, Bridget and Gareth, have since raised thousands of pounds for the services that have helped her along the way, including funds for video laryngoscopes for Wales Air Ambulance. This piece of kit helps crews clear blocked airways using a camera, and has a special attachment for children’s airways.

Will's Story

Five-year-old Will fell almost 20 feet through a farm shed roof at his family home in Tan y Bryn near Abersoch, hitting his head on a concrete floor. The Wales Air Ambulance crew were at the scene to treat Will and took him and his mother Rhian to his nearest hospital in Bangor within 13 minutes, a journey that would usually take an hour by road.

Will’s mother Rhian said: “The paramedic, Ian, spoke to Will in Welsh, his first language, and reassured him. They also let me fly in the helicopter with him which I’m so thankful for, as that would have been the most horrendous drive of my life. But instead it took just 13 minutes to get him to the hospital and I was by his side for the whole time.”

Fortunately, Will only suffered from bruising and a few scratches – a fact which amazed the family and crew.

Rhian added, “We are so thankful for everything the crew and the doctors did that day; they really are superheroes to Will. He talks about Ian and John all the time – I think he thinks they’re best friends.”

Anouk's Story

Anouk's Story

Seven month-old Anouk was airlifted by Wales Air Ambulance after falling and hitting her head near her home in Conwy. Mum Sioux called 999 and, due to Anouk’s young age and nature of the injury, the control room dispatched the air ambulance.

Anouk, Sioux and cuddly toy Tiger were airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor, where Anouk made a full recovery.

Since the accident in 2011, Anouk has started school and is now 5 years old. She has a younger brother, Max, and plans to be a vet when she grows up.

Keep us in the air for children in Wales.

Adam's Story

Adam's Story

Adam was 18 months old when, during a family trip in Carmarthenshire, he needed to get to hospital fast.

Dad Iain recounts that day back in 2010: “We were visiting family just north of Carmarthen. During the day Adam developed a rash and began vomiting. The next thing we knew, he had gone blue and floppy. He gave us a real fright.

“It would have taken at least 35 minutes to get Adam to hospital by road from where we were, but Wales Air Ambulance was able to get him there in just 4 minutes.”

Thanks to public support, Wales Air Ambulance had just upgraded its aircraft to a ‘new generation’ model, which meant there was a spare seat for mum Clare to accompany poorly Adam.

Iain added: “It was such a relief that Clare could fly with Adam, and that Wales Air Ambulance was there for us that day. It brings it home to you how important the air ambulance is.”

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